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Commercial Cleaning, The Difference Between Clean and Sanitised

Many people assume cleaning is the same thing as sanitising. However, when you are choosing a cleaning company it is vital to make sure you choose one that does understand the difference.

There can be thousands of germs spread over commonly-used areas of an office desk, for example. Once you add up the germs that are likely to be present on the desk, keyboard, mouse and telephone, you can be well into hundreds of millions of germs. Simply dusting over these items to make them look smart and clean does not ensure you kill the germs that are invisible to the naked eye..

Make sure you choose your cleaning company carefully

“The best commercial cleaning companies are those that understand the importance of eradicating as many germs as possible,” said a spokesperson for Procare Cleaning. “When a surface is properly sanitised it will be free of 99.9% of bacteria and microbes that were originally present on that surface. This is not the case if the surface simply receives a wipe with a general cleaning product.

In order to make sure business owners can reduce sickness and ill health in the office, it is imperative that a proper cleaning service is provided. This will ensure all the surfaces are sanitised instead of simply cleaned. This means the cleaning contractor must use the right products to both kill germs and leave surfaces sparkling.”

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Source: ProCare Cleaning

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